Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Truly important insights": Bill Gates on

I recommend a recent review by Bill Gates—better known these days for his groundbreaking work on health and education issues—of Andy Rosen’s “ Rebooting for the new talent economy”:

In “,” Andrew Rosen calls for greater relevance, access, accountability and transparency in higher education. He builds a persuasive case that many non-traditional students — such as working adults, parents and those at risk of dropping out — are not well served by traditional institutions. New approaches, he argues, are critical to ensure that more people have the opportunity to obtain college degrees.

As chief executive of Kaplan, Inc., a for-profit educational services company, Rosen offers a prescription that will rankle some traditionalists in academia. But I find his insights truly important for the debate on what needs to be done to improve the success of post-secondary education in America.

Read the full article, which ran in The Washington Post (Jan. 22, 2012) and is posted on


  1. We are missing your posts, Peter! (By 'we' I mean 'I')

  2. I think Rosen's comments ring true, we have students graduating universities clearly not prepared to handle what is facing them upon graduation, even from and English standpoint. That said, the technology behind our education needs to change. I was in Venezuela recently and found an institution installing ESL software to great achievement. I believe the firm is Idioma Global, but I think they operate only in Venezuela.

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